30+ Google Gravity, Underwater, Anti-Gravity Tricks | MrDoob, Elgoog

Google Gravity tricks or Gravity Google tricks are tweaks/glitches performed on Search, Homepage, and Chrome experiments to have fun. The best google tricks gravity are Google Gravity/No Gravity, Gravity Underwater, Gravity Poop, Gravity Space, Anti-Gravity Google, and Zero Gravity. The other cool tricks you find here are Search tricks with which you can trick your friends into thinking them you are a genius. The Search tricks include the popularly know funny tricks like “Do a barrel roll”, Zerg Rush, Tilt, Google Easteregg tricks and more.

Google Gravity Tricks

A list of all the Google gravity tricks with guides on how each of these tricks can be performed to have fun.

1. Google Gravity

Google Gravity Trick

A force that pulls any object or body with a mass to the center of the Earth is called gravity. Now, imagine a force pulling the contents of a web page to the bottom of your browser. Interesting, isn’t it? Though it is considered as a Gravity Google Trick, I say it a great work of coding geniuses that allows users to think Google tricks gravity. The trick, when implemented, will allow the browser to lose the hold on Search Console contents like the Search bar, Logo, Quick search buttons, Images and any additional text and contents. As a quick note, Google Gravity trick is called popularly under Zero Gravity trick and No Gravity trick and can be performed directly on MrDoob and Elgoog.

2. Google Gravity Space Trick

Google Gravity Space / Google Space Trick

A boundless three-dimensional extent where objects have relative direction and position. It basically means, any body with mass do not have a position or a direction in Space. Applying the same principles to the concept, Mr. Doob, a popular chrome experiments website, allows the users to access the Google search in space mode. All the contents of the website move in a relative direction and users can even tickle them to see fluctuations. The search option, unlike Google Mirror, doesn’t display the results in space gravity, so, all you can do is just share and trick someone who doesn’t already know.

3. Google Gravity Underwater Trick

Google Gravity Underwater / Google Underwater Trick

One of the most popular gravity tricks. Though I find this trick seemingly amazing or interesting, there are millions of users searching for the trick every single day. The Google Underwater gravity trick allows the user to perform the search while the contents float and sink in water. The users can create waves and oppose sharks along with the treasures that fall from the sky when clicked on “I’m feeling lucky”. It is a great way to fool someone around with the underwater google gravity if he/she doesn’t already know about it.

4. Anti-Gravity Google / Google Anti-Gravity

Anti-Gravity Google / Google Anti-Gravity

Acting against the Gravity is called as Anti-Gravity which is space gravity. The Google Gravity Space, as discussed earlier, is a place where bodies with mass do not have a relative direction or position. Except that it has a different name, everything else is same as the Google Space trick.

5. Google Mirror Trick

Google Mirror Trick

Allowing the user to access the content in a reflected manner, just like how you would appear when you stood in front of a mirror, the mirror Google trick is fun, puzzling and experimental. Though the trick is easy to perform, it is a bit complicated as everything on the web page is in reverse and opposing order to the normal way. The users can mirror type and mirror search but can access the content of the searched web page in a normal manner. A great trick to try on friends and fellow mates.

6. Google Terminal

Google Terminal Trick

Have you ever used Terminal on a Macbook? If not, you can relate it to Command Prompt in Windows. If you have at least a little knowledge about what a Terminal or a Command Prompt is, then Google Prompt is something that offers a similar interface on the Web. With Google Terminal, you can perform a Terminal search with results on Search. The Google terminal interface also offers news articles with shortcodes those that will open in a new tab when used the numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Not a great trick, but definitely an interesting one to have fun.

7. Google No Gravity

Without gravity is something you can only find in Space, leading us back to Google Space gravity or Antigravity. Once again, the trick just has a different name with the same model. Performing a space trick or Antigravity Google trick or the No-gravity Google trick will yield the same result.

8. Google Pac-Man

Google Pac-Man

The Pac-Man game at times was the most popular games ever. Since the game offers all platform compatibility, a browser version is integrated with the Homepage. The Google Pac-Man game allows the users to play Pac-Man for as long as they might want to. Just like the normal Pac-Man game, the user will get a 3 lives and level ups. Survive and proceed to the next level. This might sound low, but the only difference you might find on the Pac-Man trick and a normal Pac-Man game is, you get to play in a Maze that is structured as “Google”. People love Pac-Man and so does Google.

9. Google Guitar

Google Guitar Trick

There are a plenty online and offline Guitar applications that allow you to play Guitar or Strings on your Browser. Just like any of them, but in a mini-sized version, Elgoog has Guitar strings integrated to the Homepage of Google. The users can play Guitar, Record the sounds created and save the files as well. Well, how do you play Google Guitar? Just hover your mouse cursor over the strings and they create sounds immediately. To save the recorded file, you are given a link just below the Guitar, through which you can access the recording and right click and use “save as” option. That’s it! have fun to play Guitar on Google.

10. Google Snake Game

Google Snake Game

The long last epic games of 90’s, the Snake game as I would say the best game of 90’s and a vintage game was honored by integrating it the Google Homepage. The trick then is reconstructed by Elgoog for the everlasting fans of the Snake Game, and believe me, it still is one of the best tricks users search for. The Google Snake Game offers a 60 Second time during which you have to collect all the food, treasure, power-ups to score points. The game is played on a background that says “Google”. The game even has an authentic Chinese music attached to it, which can be disabled if need be.

11. Google Sphere Trick

Google Gravity Sphere Trick

Yet another tweak to the Google Homepage. The Google Gravity Sphere trick brought to the users by Elgoog, which when implemented, the contents of the web page rotate in a spherical manner. Though you might not be able to search for contents of the web using Google Sphere, there are plenty of words with Image Search linked to them rotating around the Google logo. So, if you are able to click on any of those links, you will be redirected to a relevant page with information. The spherical rotation is possible only from left to right and vice versa and the direction of rotation can be controlled by your mouse cursor.

12. Google Zero Gravity

I hate to put it several times, but Zero Google Gravity is a place where you find no gravity at all leading us back to Google Gravity Space trick.

13. Google Black

A trick, that is neither funny nor interesting. That’s my personal opinion and the reason I felt so is that it does nothing but alter colors of the Google logo when implemented. The implementation part of the Google Black trick is pretty simple, you just need to click on any one of the buttons below the search bar.

14. Google Epic

Google Epic Trick

The vice versa of Weenie Google. Brought to the users by the website “ToBigToUse.Com”, the Google Epic trick is implemented just by accessing the website. The page slowly enlarges progressing into a gigantic homepage. All the contents of the web page appear 5+ times larger than what they used to be.

15. Funny Google

Funny Google Trick

With an easy implementation module, the Funny Google trick alters the Logo with whatever word you submit. Isn’t that cool! Of course, it is when I first implemented and I recommend it to our users. All you need to do is to submit a word or a name in the custom text field provided below the search bar. Once you have submitted the name/word, you should see the Google logo replaced. The search provided by Funny Google is powered by Google itself and guess what! You can send this trick to your friends by clicking on “Send to a Friend” button.

16. Annoying Google

Annoying Google Trick

This is annoyingly funny. Some might like but some might not! The Annoying Google trick is all about displaying the search terms in an annoying manner as in using inappropriate capital letters adversely. I had to say, the content of the web page are not displayed in such manner, only the search term. The trick is brought to your by “DontTypeLikeThis.Com”

17. Google Zipper

Google Zipper Trick

Imagine the homepage of Google is actually a pair of two halves Zipped together. Yes! Brought to the users by Elgoog, the Google Zipper does nothing but modify the homepage with a Zipped page. The contents of the web page appear in perspective to the front facing of Zipping, more like a mirroring effect.

18. Google Loco

Google Loco Trick

A simple trick and a similar one too! The Google Loco trick brought to you by “googleloco.net” is same as that of a Google Gravity trick which allows the content of the web page fall to the bottom. Though what the trick does is same, the website that brings you is different and has little more to offer such as latest news and blog. So, I personally don’t think it will impress you, but what’s wrong in giving a try.

19. Rainbow Google

Rainbow Google

Displaying all the colors of Google homepage in VIBGYOR, the colors of a Rainbow, the Rainbow Google trick allows the users to search for the content of the web in different colors. The custom search provided by the website is powered by Google. The “I’m feeling colorful” button with a search term in the search bar will redirect to the results page for the term and without any content in the search bar will redirect to Doodles page.

20. Google Blackle

Google Blackl Trick

Altering all the colors of the web page to black color, the Blackle search is powered by Google and when implemented, displays the results on a dark black background. The trick can be accessed just by reaching out the website blackle.com

21. Google Zerg Rush

Google Zerg Rush Trick

Till now, we have seen tricks that are specific to third party websites. But the Google Zerg Rush in integrated to the Google search and can be implemented by searching for “Zerg Rush” on Google. The search will first show results for Zerg Rush, but then small circular rings start to flow from the top making each result disappear at a time and continues till all the content on the page is erased/removed. If you are trying this trick for the first time, it is absolute fun and when implemented the trick on your friend who has no idea about it, I am sure he will be panicked as if his PC got a virus attack or some kind of Hack. It is one of the best Google tricks ever.

22. Google Tilt

Google Tilt Trick

Brought to you by Elgoog again, the Google Tilt is yet another funny trick that allows the browser contents to tilt sideways making the users think if the browser has corrupted or hacked. Since the trick can be implemented only from a third party website, it would be a pretty hard job for you to trick someone. But if you are good enough to make them believe it’s not common, you have a chance of fooling them. I honestly wouldn’t waste my time on this one!

23. Google “Do a Barrel Roll”

Google Do A Barrel Roll Trick

Just like Zerg Rush, the Google “Do a barrel roll” trick is also integrated with the Search. To implement the trick, all you need to do is to search for “Do a Barrel Roll” on Google. This trick will create a single barrel roll of the complete content of the Web page. Unlike any other tricks presented here, this trick can also be implemented via Elgoog. Fun in multiple ways! Worth a try!

24. Google Chuck Norris trick

Google Chuck Norris Trick

Ahh! The most famous and popular tricks or early 2010’s, the Chuck Norris Google trick. If you know a little bit about Chuck Norris, then you probably know how badass he is in his films. On the occasion of honoring him, Google introduced the Chuck Norris trick and later the trick has been implemented by a fan based website. The trick is all about searching for Chuck Norris and the result displays “Google won’t search for Chuck Norris because it knows you don’t find Chuck Norris, he finds you.” It’s a pretty cool trick for me.

25. Weenie Google Trick

Weenie Google TrickImplemented with the help of a third party website, the Weenie Google trick is all about displaying the homepage in a tinier version. The website “ToSmallToUse”, which when accessed, displays a normal page with contents and every millisecond passed by on the page, the page contents progresses to become tinier and tinier until there is no further possible. The website also acts as a search engine allowing you to search for contents of the web.

26. Google Easter Egg Trick

A trick of the tricks, the Easter Egg trick. To add fun, Google introduced the Easter Egg module integrated with the search, which is implemented when specific keywords or search terms are used. There are plenty of Easter Egg tricks on Google, you just have to know the search terms to access them. Remember to find easter eggs in each of them as they might be hiding in different places.

The following are the most popular search terms for Easter Eggs on Google.

  • Atari Breakout – Image Search
  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Askew
  • Blink HTML
  • Festivus
  • Z or R twice
  • Google in 1998
  • Bletchley Park
  • Flip a coin
  • Play dreidel
  • [Any actor’s name] followed by “Bacon Number”
  • Recursion
  • Conway’s Game of Life
  • Anagram
  • Google Pacman
  • Webdriver Torso
  • The answer to the ultimate question of life the universe and everything
  • Fun facts or I’m feeling curious
  • Hover your mouse over the “I’m feeling lucky”
  • Metronome
  • Solitaire or Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Bubble level
  • kerning
  • Once in a Blue Moon
  • Klingon Google

27. Google Mentalplex

Google Mentalplex Trick

Funny but not funny! The Google Mentalplex trick was implemented in early 2000’s as an April fools joke. Then the trick faded and now it resides in the archives of Google. This is how the trick used to work, the page asks you to stare into a Mentalplex circle by removing Hat and Glasses and then project a mental image of what you want to search. Once you have done that, you simply need to click on the search bar to get the results. And guess what! That’s an April Fool”.

28. Ball Pool

Google Ball Pool trick

The Ball Pool is yet another great trick/chrome experiment from Mr. Doob. When visited the live page, several balls are rolled onto the screen in multiple colors. Now, you can play with them either by clicking on the balls or by long click on a ball and drag it randomly. You can also have fun by just long pressing on the empty part of the screen, which eventually rolls out plenty more balls to fill out the screen. To clear everything, you just need to double click on the screen.

29. Google Doodles

Rolling out a doodle every day, Google has honored what’s most important for a nation in the form of integrating Athletics, Events, Holidays and People, into their logo. There are thousands of Google Doodles available at official Google place. The users are facilitated with playable games, Videos and much more,

30. Google “I’m Feeling Lucky”

There are several different versions of the “I’m Feeling Lucky trick”. The latest one works as described – Type a search term in Google Search bar and click on “I’m feeling lucky”, you will be redirected to the first result that pops in a normal Google search. Do try it out!