We work hard every day, some work day and night and all of us spend at least a couple hours on the web doing random stuff. For every such thing we do, we need a browser and a search engine to search for our queries and majority of the users prefer Google as their default search engine.

But, do you know you can perform little tweaks and tricks to your search to get entertained and trick your friends? Yes! With short tweaks and special search terms, Google can be fun and googlegravity.co is just where you will find everything.

GoogleGravity.co is a dedicated blog for shouting out every single Google Gravity Tricks and Google Search Tricks along with Google Tweaks and Easter eggs. In the blog, you will have all the tricks listed and a link will be provided where you can learn how to perform the trick/s.

Note: We are not affiliated with Google or any Company or Organization. We are just a bunch of individuals and we love what we do.

Thank you 🙂