Annoying Google – Get Annoyed by Google

Annoying Google - Get Annoyed by Google

When someone annoys you in your life, then the chances are that you will get really angry and may end up hurting that person. But, did you ever though that something that is too much annoying will end up making you laugh? If not, then you are on the right place. Google introduced quite an interesting trick known as Annoying Google, which displays your search terms in quite an interesting manner. The type of search terms that this trick displays surely going to annoy the people, but at the same time, it is also hilarious and funny. Whenever you feel like there’s nothing weird to do, then simply go through this Annoying Google Trick and enjoy the most annoying fun that this trick grants to you. Like other Google Gravity tricks, the implementation process of this is very simple. The link provided below holds the snapshot of the trick by which, you will get the idea that what is the interface of the Annoying Google trick,

Annoying Google

When this trick is implemented, then in place of the Logo, it will be displaying “Annoying Google” Logo on the Google Search Engine, which is quite interesting. In addition to this, the buttons below the Search Bar will also display something else such as “Annoying Search” and “I’m Feeling Annoyed”.  Now, in order to implement this trick, all you have to do is just simply follow the instructions given below and you will master this trick in no time.

Annoying Google Trick

How to implement Annoying Google?

The designing of this trick has been done by “”, powered by Google itself. In order to implement this trick, type the link mentioned below in the search bar of your browser and press enter key on your keyboard,, a page will open displaying the Annoying Google Logo on it and every text will be in the form of inappropriate capital letters adversely. Now, when you will type anything to search, then the search item will also appear in same order as like the other text. Also, in place of “Search”, there will be written “Annoying Search” and in place of “I’m Feeling Lucky”, there will be “I’m Feeling Annoyed” being displayed. But when you will press the enter button on your keyboard, then the search results will be displayed in normal form like they are being displayed by normal Search Engine. But in order to annoy someone, these kinds of tricks always come in handy and Annoying Google is something that you need right now to have some fun with and to annoy everybody else that you would like to.

So, don’t waste any of your time and make use of this trick to see what it feels like to be annoyed in a funny way. Also, do share this link with your friends who don’t know about this trick and make your friends feel annoyed.

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Annoying Google
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