Google Gravity Underwater Trick [MrDoob | Elgoog]

Anti Gravity Google Underwater [MrDoob | Elgoog]

Out of all the Google Gravity Tricks, the underwater trick is definitely the most popular. The rising popularity of this trick makes millions of users to search this trick and amaze their friends and family. Wouldn’t it be exciting to show off your secret tricks in front of your family and make their boring Homepage to turn into an aquarium? Well, there are a lot of people out there who have just heard about a thing called Google Gravity, but they have no idea how these tricks like the Google Gravity Underwater Trick is actually applied. It feels amazing to get a complete virtual underwater experience just with a few clicks.

Note: The trick is also know under the names “No Gravity Underwater” and “0 Gravity Underwater”.

Google Gravity Underwater 

Just as the name suggests, Google Gravity Underwater Trick comes with a beautiful background where species of fishes can be seen floating in the deep blue water. The search results usually take some time, but the contents of the Google Homepage come floating and provide you a complete underwater experience.

Anti Gravity Google Underwater [MrDoob | Elgoog]

How to Implement Google Gravity Underwater Trick?

Here is how you can apply the best ever Google Gravity Underwater Trick and make the contents float and sink along with the sharks in the background.


Unlike other tricks, which use Mr.Doob, this trick is performed via Elgoog. Open your Chrome web browser.


in the address bar. Press enter and wait. See the magic happening as the contents of the Google Homepage floating and sinking in the water. While clicking on the water that forms the background, the users will see ripples forming on it. Moreover, there will be many types of fishes swimming in the background. Google Gravity Underwater Trick is undoubtedly a visual treat to eyes with a beautifully animated background.

Via Google

Open your web browser and type to go to the main page of the Search Engine. Now, type Google Underwater in the main search query bar. Press ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ and explore the web as if you are living in a sea or ocean. The fish tank will allow all the contents of the Google Homepage including the Logo to keep floating, and users will be able to create waves in the water.

You have learned successfully the Google Gravity Underwater Trick. All you have to do now is impress the people around you, or you can even fool them around if they are not internet savvy at all. Have fun swimming along with the fishes!