Google Anti-Gravity or Anti-Gravity Google Trick

Google Anti-Gravity or Anti-Gravity Google Trick

Google Gravity Tricks are what makes the otherwise boring Google Search engine exciting. Google Anti-Gravity is very closely related to Google Gravity Space as both of these behave in a very common way.  These Google Gravity tricks can provide the much-needed refreshment from the usual Google Homepage when you have nothing fun to do. Moreover, what can be better than scaring your friends off by making the elements of their Google Homepage float against gravity with this amazing Google Anti-Gravity Trick.

Anti-Gravity Google

With the activation of Anti-Gravity Google Trick, all the contents of the Homepage of Google Search Engine will start flying in the air against the gravitational pull. Once the trick is activated, the users can play with the contents of the page and throw the elements wherever they wish just with the hold and release trick of the mouse. Out of all the tricks, Google Anti-Gravity is the most known tricks offered by Google.

Google Anti-Gravity or Anti-Gravity Google Trick

How to Implement Google Anti-Gravity Trick?

In order to activate Google Anti-Gravity, first of all, go the Homepage of Google Search Engine. Now, find the setting at the right bottom corner of this page. Now, go to ‘Search Settings’ and select the option to ‘Never Show Instant Results’. Once the option is selected, save these settings.

Now, go to the Google Homepage again and type Google Anti-Gravity in the search bar and click on ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ and see the magic happen. This will activate the anti-gravity trick successfully and all the contents of the Google Homepage will start behaving as if in space. This is the reason it is very closely related to the Google Space Trick.

However, if due to some reason you are unable to use the above method and are looking for a rather direct link to activate Google Anti-Gravity Trick, then all you have do is type “Google Anti-Gravity” in the address bar of your Google Chrome Browser and your Anti-Gravity Google Trick will be activated.

Google Anti-Gravity Via Mr. Doob

If you have ever heard of any of the Google Gravity Tricks, then you will definitely be familiar with Mr. Doob. Just visit the link and explore the world of anti-gravity. All the contents of the web page will start floating and now with the help of touch, hold and throw movement of your cursor start throwing the menu and other contents of the Google Homepage in any direction you want.

Now, you have turned into the ultimate master of the Google Anti-Gravity Trick. Except throwing the contents here and there, there is nothing more interesting to do, but make sure to trick your friends who have no idea about this trick with the methods mentioned above.