Google ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ – Spin Google

Google ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ - Spin Google

Google loves introducing new Google Gravity Tricks to keep it all fun and light hearted to use the internet. After quite a chunk of time, the endless routine Google searches somehow get boring. While experimenting, Google came up with Do a Barrel Roll. And quite soon enough, it went viral and was featured on several trends on social media, making it more popular than it already was.

Do a Barrel Roll

What “Do a Barrel Roll” does is, it takes your Google homepage and turns it around, while getting your head spinning along with the screen. Warning though, it may induce severe nausea in the weak hearted people. Before you begin plunging into this one, you need to ask yourself one question – Are you quite ready yet to see your screen take a full 360 degrees turn or not?

Google Do A Barrel Roll Trick

How to Implement Google Do A Barrel Roll?

A few things must be kept in consideration before going for that. As the application was created in HTML5, it doesn’t work on all the internet browsers. Barrel Roll only supports either Chrome or Firefox.

Just type Google Do A Barrel Roll in the Google box and press enter. Click on the first link which appears and there you have it. Your screen will tumble around doing an entire circle, just like a barrel.

Although this is the best and the official way to do a barrel roll, there are a few other ways to go about it. First of all, there are duplicate apps, which Google doesn’t seem to mind. Secondly, other than typing Do a Barrel Roll in the Google search box, just type ‘Z or R twice’ and there you go. The screen tumbles sending you into a nauseous state of mind.

For the lazy ones out there, there is the direct link.

How it Originated?

Most of the folks working over at Google are sure shot nerds. Why else would most of their tricks and fun games are nods to classics almost every other time. ‘Do a Barrel Roll’ is another example; it performs a salute to the hit 90’s game Star Fox 64. The other phrase that initiates the function is also lifted from the game. In the game, the bunny rabbit tells the hero of the game, Fox, to ‘do a barrel role’ quite frequently and in order to do so, the gamer has to press Z or R twice.

Google keeps churning out these tricks to make us realize how fun it actually could be working for them, brainstorming on ideas like this. Go and trick your friends and family by sharing this link to activate Google Do A Barrel Roll via social media.