Funny Google Trick – Play With Google Search

Funny Google Trick - Play With Google Search

As we all know that Google is now the king of the world of internet, but it still tries hard to keep its users happy. Google always try to surprise us by revealing new, charming and engaging Funny Google Tricks. These tricks offered by Google are the best means to alter your boring mood into fun and excited with the help of a few keyboard clicks.

Funny Google

It is nothing but a trick performed by our all time favorite search engine that uses search technology of Google to change the existing logo. Using Funny Google is as easy as typing your name. Also, it has no direct association with the brand. Funny Google has a module in which the trick, once activated, alters the logo with the word you will submit. What can be cooler than seeing your name instead of the usual Google logo on the homepage?

Funny Google Trick

How to Implement Funny Google?

In order to implement Funny Google, first and foremost way is to visit the Google homepage of your Chrome browser. Now, turn off the ‘Google Instant Results’ feature. You will need to sign in to your Google account first. Now, go to settings and then your Google account or type Now, choose the option ‘Never Show Instant Predictions’ under the ‘Google Instant Predictions’ option. Once you have successfully saved the new changes, go to a new tab and open the homepage of Google Search Engine again.

In the search bar, type ‘Funny Google’ and click on ‘I’am Feeling Lucky’. Now the page of Funny Google will appear and you can type any word what you want to search in the custom text field provided below the search bar. Once you click submit, the said word will replace the original Google Logo.

For instant results, just type in the address bar and click enter. This will activate the Funny Google Trick and the official logo changing page will be displayed. There is an option to ‘set another name’ so, you can change the logo as many times as you want and get the feeling of customized Google Homepage. However, if you want to search anything the Google Custom Search will work in the same manner.

Funny Google trick spice up the user’s experience as much as it enhances it. Now, that you have another trick up your sleeve, go crazy with your imagination. Surprise your friends and family with Funny Google by sending this awesome trick to your friends directly by clicking on “send to a friend” button.