Google Black – Search Google in Black

Google Black - Search Google in Black

Google Black or BLACKL is an energy saving search engine provided by custom Google search. Meaning, if you are worried about the battery of Laptop or iPad or any tablet, but you have plenty to browse, then Google Black is the best option for you. It’s not like a trick or anything, rather it is a simple tweak to your browsing that helps save the battery/extends the battery.

I know you have few questions in mind, so, let me clear them for you first and then proceed with how to implement.

BlackL / BlackLE

Google Blackl Trick

Google Black is powered by custom Google Search. Custom Search is something Google made available for all advertisers through Adsense. So, basically you create an Ad unit that behaves as a Search and with some little coding, you can actually place it on your website. Making use of this, Google BlackL came up with this power saving mode integrated with custom search. One thing to make it very clear, when you search through the custom search, results are directly presented from Google itself. So, no, you don’t have to worry about missing the best possible results.

Then, what about energy saving? What about it? Kidding, but am not entirely sure how much battery or energy you can actually save with this search. I did experience a slight change in my battery life when I browse in dark with no CSS?JavaScript working. So, I am sure it is a great deal to try and check for yourself.

How to Implement Google BlackL/BlackLE

It is not something you can add to your browser. Rather, you need to visit this site and then search from there. Questions first! Is it safe? Yes absolutely. They don’t ask for your name, number/email which is a sign that they don’t do it for profit entirely. Is it easy? Well! Pretty much! Visit the site and start your search. That’s it! What is the website? Please find the link below.

BlackL / BlackLE

Or you can actually have an extension installed from Chrome web store and enjoy the perks. Here is a quick video on how you can do that.

Here are few addons from Chrome that can help you – Chrome Store

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