Google Blackle – Save Power Using This Trick

Internet is a large world of innovation, tricks, entertainment, games and many other things. With the Google Gravity Tricks, Google has inspired many coders and software programmers to bring about new kind of innovations and tricks in order to show the world their real talent. Keeping such ideology in mind, Google has supported yet another Google Trick, which goes by name Google Blackle. The unique feature in this trick is that it alters all the web page color to black and the search button that appears below the search bar of Google is powered by Google itself, and when you will make the search then it will work same as the normal Google Homepage works. In addition to this, where there was Google logo, now there will Blackl logo written on it in the form of Black color. In order to confuse someone, this trick will be a handy one and you can fool anyone around and have fun with them. The link below in the pictorial representation of the Google Blackle interface by which you will get the overview regarding how this trick is going to be look alike,

Google Blackle

There’s nothing much in this trick as the only thing that it does is changing the background color into dark black color and changing the Google Logo with Blackl Logo, although the Search button is powered by Google. It is just like a normal Google Gravity Trick, but in case if anyone does not know about this trick, then this might act as a surprise for them. It’s up to you to decide that whether this trick amazed you or you find it like a regular old tricks available on the internet.

Google Blackl Trick

How to implement Google Blackle trick?

The Google Blackle Trick has been designed by “” and its authorization is done by the Google. In order to experiment this, firstly you will have to insert the link mentioned blow in the search bar of your Google Chrome,, Now, press enter and the Blackle Homepage will open powered by Google. Notice one thing that the whole background has been turned black and even the Google logo has been replaced by Blackle logo. In addition to this, the color of Search button has been changed to black color thus making it fully fit its name Google Blackle. Now, try to search anything in this new search engine that you have just discovered. The result will be that even your search results are being displayed in the black colored background and on the top left corner of the page, there’s Blackle logo being displayed on it.

For people who never know about this trick will get quite surprised for the first time when you will show it to them. So don’t waste much of your time and share this Google Blackle trick with everyone you want to before anyone else shares it with them, and deliver them the surprise of their lifetime.