Google Epic – View Google in Epic Mode

Google Epic - View Google in Epic Mode

Google Epic is a simple trick created by TooBigToUse which will display the entire web contents in Zoomed version. The best part is, the web contents get bigger and bigger the more time you spend there. Epic Google is fun and tricky enough to fool people into making them think something’s wrong with their browser.

Google Epic

Google Epic Trick

When you look at the Google Homepage, do you ever though that it will automatically zoom-in by itself? If not, then now it’s the time that you change yours though with Google. They have added another trick to the database of their Google Gravity Tricks, which is known as Epic Google, which is as epic as its name sound. You can say that it is a vice versa of Weenie Google, which has been developed by “”. This trick is quite funny as other tricks and is also one of the favorite tricks among Gravity Tricks. And if want to freak-out anyone around you, then just implement this trick in your computer system or into their system and make them go crazy, until they find out the truth behind this trick.

When you will activate the Google Epic trick, you will see that the size of the Search Engine is gradually starting to increase and also, the buttons below the Search Bar as also changed to “Epic Search” and “I’m Feeling Excessive”. The link below will give you the pictorial representation of the Google Epic trick in a clear manner,

How to implement Google Epic?

Now, when you know that what this trick all about is, you will have a question in mind that how you are going to implement this trick in your browser? The answer is right here.

The 1st step is to go to the search bar of your Chrome and type the below-mentioned link, toobigtouse, now, press the enter button and you will be directly taken to the Google Epic trick. You will see that the size of the Homepage is increasing on-its-own and there’s an “Epic” keyword written at the background of the Logo. And even the buttons below the Search Bar are also changed and their size is also increasing along with Logo.

Now, try to search anything in the Search bar, you will notice that Google is making the Epic Search, displaying its Epic Google Logo at the top of your search results. The search results will appear in normal state, but the Logo will appear in enlarged state, which makes it quite epic.

In order to make some fun, Google Epic is the best kind of trick to freak anybody out and you can simply enjoy the show by seeing them in blizzard like situation. Although, you must tell them afterwards that what exactly you just did. All you have to do is just share the above-mentioned link with everyone you can and then, you can have all the fun you want in order to pass your free time. As compared to other Google Gravity tricks, this trick is most interesting one, but you can’t compare it with gaming tricks of Google.

A Quick video to show how to to Implement and How Google Epic works.

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Google Epic
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