Google Gravity Space Trick – Floating Web Contents

The original version of Google Gravity came into existence in the year 2009. A web designer and developer, Ricardo Cabello, came up with this JavaScript program that will pull down the contents of the homepage of the search engine just like other objects are pulled by gravitation towards the center of the Earth.

Out of various Google Gravity Tricks, today we will learn about Google Gravity Space. This trick is very cool as it allows the various elements of the Homepage to float in the same way as planets and other elements floating in space.  This space type of zero-gravity environment can freak out those people who have no idea about this fun feature of Google.

Google Gravity Space

Google Gravity Space Trick works in the similar way as space works in the physical environment. There is very less gravitational pull in space as compared to earth, and hence instead of getting pulled down, the elements start floating. In the same way, In Google Gravity Space, the Logo starts floating and comes down very slowly.

Google Gravity Space Trick

How to Implement Google Gravity Space Trick?

There are two methods to implement Google Gravity Space trick.

Via Google

  • First of all open your web browser.
  • Now you need to turn off the Google Instant Results feature. Sign into your Google account and go to account and type Now, chose the option ‘Never Show Instant Predictions’ under the ‘Instant Predictions’ option.
  • Once you have successfully saved the new changes, go to a new tab and open the home page of the Search Engine.
  • In the search bar, type ‘Google Space’.
  • Now click on ‘I’M Feeling Lucky’ and this step will finally activate your Google Gravity Space.

Mr.Doob Method

Now, this is the most commonly used feature to feel the Google Search Engine like you are in space. To use this method, the users will need a link.

Type in the address bar. Press the enter button and this will activate the Google Gravity Space Trick. All the elements of the Google Homepage will start floating as if in space. Now start playing with these and start throwing random words here and there simply by using the cursor. Just go anywhere on the screen, press a particular icon, like Logo, and take the cursor to another corner and enjoy by ‘press, hold and release’ method.

Unlike Google Gravity trick, Google Gravity Space is different. In Gravity trick, the contents of the page come down from the top, but here the content starts floating without any gravitational pull. While searching for any particular thing e.g. Flowers, even the results will start floating just like the contents of the main homepage. Now that you have successfully learned this awesome trick, go and flaunt your newly learned technique and have fun with your friends.