Google Guitar Trick – Play Guitar on Google

Google Guitar Trick - Play Guitar on Google

Google is way ahead of its various competitors both in terms of performance, features, and popularity. Google introduced an interactive Electric Guitar for the music lovers and named it Google Guitar. Via this trick, the search engine’s homepage logo gets converted into a fully working virtual guitar. There are plenty online and offline Guitar applications that allow you to play guitar on your browser. Just like any of them, but in a mini-sized version, Elgoog has Guitar strings integrated to the homepage of Google.

Google Guitar

Google introduced its greatest Doodle ever, Google Guitar to honor the 96th birthday of legendary musician Guitar innovator Les Paul. Paul was the inventor himself who created solid body Electric Guitar, and also did praiseworthy work in developing modern music and Google team paid tribute to him with such a special Doodle.

Google Guitar, is a fast responding, fully-payable Guitar roughly in shape of Google logo. The Google Guitar boasts 10 strings, with one note on each. In Google Guitar, music can also be recorded and saved. Isn’t it cool? This is like a crash course for ones who don’t know how to play Guitar, it will help you rock out on your desktops. Want to impress a girl while sipping your coffee at a café? Go and play a romantic melody on Google Guitar and she will be impressed.

Google Guitar Trick
Google Guitar Trick

How To Play Google Guitar?

You can easily access Google Guitar clicking on this link Once the link opens, you can see 10 strings, ranging from low G to a high B. You can play each string or combination of the string by plucking or strumming over them with the mouse cursor. So, it’s easier to play or compose songs on a Google Guitar.

Another way to get access through the Google Guitar is to first open your browser and type Google Guitar in the search bar.  Click on the first link and you are done.

Now, to play you should know about notes on Guitar and their corresponding numerical keys. Those are:

1=G, 2=A, 3=B, 4=C, 5=D, 6=E, 7=F#, 8=G, 9=A, 0=B

Another thing you should know about is Chord. Now, when you have all information about notes, it’s time to mix things up with chords. (G major=1, 3, 5),  (C major=4, 6, 8), (D major=4, 7, 5, 9). And, finally, you are done.

You can now record and share the tunes you create, and it’s downright addicting. By hitting Record button below graphic, you can record up to 30 sec tracks. Once recording stops, you have your own music. Just save the file in given link below the Guitar, in which you can right click and use ‘save as’ option.

So, let’s get this show everywhere! You can send it to your friends and dazzle them with this new trick by Google. The internet already provides enough distractions at work. However, the Google Guitar that you can actually strum by moving your cursor over its strings is definitely the best distraction ever.