Google Loco – Similar to Google Gravity Trick

Google Loco - Similar to Google Gravity Trick

Google Loco is simply the same as Gravity Google trick except with a couple of additional functionalities. To explain, the entire home is cloned and ready to act up on users actions. Basically, when you move your cursor, all the contents of the homepage automatically drop down to bottom of the screen. You can actually pick each of those item with your mouse and throw them randomly and have fun.

Google Loco

The functioning of this trick is same as that of Google Gravity. The web page content falls to the bottom of your screen, whenever this trick is activated. But, there are some changes made in the designing, like the addition of latest blog and news, which is not available in Google Gravity Trick. The image link given below will clearly explain the whole picture of this trick,

In addition to this, the version of Google used in this tick is also different from the version used in Google Gravity Trick. Thus we can say that Google Loco is merely a copy of Google Gravity Trick, with some extra features.

Google Loco Trick

How to implement Google Loco?

The creator of the Google Loco is different from that of Google Gravity Trick. This trick has been designed and developed by “” and in order to implement this trick, you will have to simply go through the following procedure.

In order to execute the trick, the first thing that you have to do is to insert the following link into the search bar of your browser,

The above-mentioned link will redirect you to the copy of Homepage and when you slightly move your cursor over the screen, the whole web page will start falling to the bottom of your screen, just like it happens in the case of Google Gravity Trick. The additional functionality which has been added in this trick is the availability of latest news and blog menu, by which you can know about what is going on in the world. Rest everything is same. But we can’t deny the fact that, this trick is actually an advanced version of Google Gravity Trick, no matter it does contain the functionalities it. All we can say is that this trick is much better and there’s no harm in spreading this trick among the others.

So now, when you know that what exactly this trick is about, it’s up to you whether you want to go for Google Gravity trick or you want to access Google Loco Trick with some extra functionalities. Also, if you like this trick then do share the link mentioned above with your friends and other people also and let them have some fun.

A quick look at what How the trick is implemented and how it works.

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