Google Mentalplex – Funny Prank

Google Mentalplex - Funny Prank

Out of the most debated and interesting ones of the Google Tricks is this one, the Google Mentalplex. It literally claims to know what in the world is going on in your head without letting you type the keywords into the Google search box. This is one of the most used tricks and more often than not, gets the users surprised with its sheer accuracy and simplicity to use.

Google, being at its quirky best, has put in more efforts than the rest in order to make sure that this one trick appeals to almost everyone and for the most part, get the psychological experts to keep scratching their heads while they keep trying to decode the real trick that lies behind the glossy facade.

What is Google Mentalplex?

Mentalplex makes you stare right into a psychedelic circle like revolving little image for a few seconds and claims to read your mind. It started out as an April Fool prank by Google but gained popularity soon. Whether real or fake, it’s still debated. But trying it is fun, there is no arguing there. So let’s try and understand how it actually works!

Google Mentalplex - Funny Prank

How To Implement Google Mentalplex?

Open your Chrome browser and make sure the internet connection is working fine. For the next step, you need to enter Google Mentalplex into the search box and press enter. The results will pop up and what you need to do is, click on the very first link that appears on the top of the page (unless you are using custom search option). The homepage will be opened right in front of you. Of course, a little bit different in look and feel.

On the left side of the search box, you will see a circle constantly revolving. The homepage asks you to peek into that. Below are the proper instructions to follow.

  • Remove the hat and glasses if you are wearing any. And the contact lenses as well. Let the circle meet your naked eyes.
  • Gaze into the circle and you need to hold the gaze for at least 10 seconds. And remember; do not move your head. In case you already have, start all over again. The trick needs you to stay still.
  • For the next step, try to visualize in your head what you want to search in the first place. Be careful of this step, you need to be accurate about it. Do not let your mind wander to places where you will regret ever trying this out.
  • The last step is, either click on the circle mentally or physically to let it work and you will be surprised to see the end results.

Google Mentalplex boasts of using one of the most advanced technologies to go about it which it is reluctant to reveal.  In the end, it must be said that Google doesn’t ever seem to back out from developing this tricks which sure as hell are fun and entertaining