Google Mirror Trick – Opposite View Search

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Google has undoubtedly made the life of people easier. But who knew that Google will even add some awesome tricks for the users to stumble upon and have fun with the Google Homepage. Out of the various Google Gravity Tricks, you might have heard of the Google Mirror Trick which is experimental, puzzling and fun. While using Google Mirror the users will actually see the ‘reverse mirror image’. The best thing about this is when the user actually types the words will appear in a reverse manner in the search query bar. Won’t it be super cool and yet freaky for someone who knows nothing about these Google Tricks?

Google Mirror

Google Mirror Trick will allow the users to read everything on the Google Homepage in reverse. Along with the fun that Google Mirror provides, there is an unknown fact about the invention of this trick. It is believed that this particular trick was invented and first used to circumvent the government of a country to block out the search engine.

Google Mirror Trick

How to Implement Google Mirror Trick?

Google Mirror is actually no different than our in-house mirror as both works in the same manner. Just as we would expect from an actual mirror, Google Mirror will also reflect the contents and the search results of the Google Homepage, just in the reverse order. Here is how you can implement Google Mirror and freak your friends out. – This is the official link to access the Google Mirror. Once you press enter after pasting this link in the address bar, the Google Homepage will open as if you are observing a mirror and the contents will appear in a totally opposite manner.

Now try searching anything like type ‘Coffee’ in the search query bar. You will notice that the words are actually getting typed in the opposite direction and even the search results are the mirror image of the actual page. Now, wouldn’t it be fun to search Google backward and get mirrored search results? However, you can’t move the elements of the webpage with the help of cursor and keyboard.

Another method to implement the fun Google Mirror Trick is to simply type ‘Google Mirror’ in the search bar of your Google Homepage in the Google Chrome browser. However, before doing so, make sure to turn off the ‘Instant Results’ feature. One more thing, instead of pressing the enter key, click on the ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ button and the Google Mirror Trick will be successfully activated this way.

Now, you have learned the implementation procedure of the Google Mirror Trick, all you need to do now is let your creative and prankster side flow and trick all your friends into thinking that something is actually wrong with your computer.