Google No Gravity – Google Zero Gravity – Google Space

Google No Gravity - Google Zero Gravity - Google Space

Google No Gravity is one of the Gravity Google tricks which when implemented will make the content of the web pages float. The trick is often considered or called in few other names such as Google Antigravity, Google Zero Gravity, and Google space gravity. To understand the phenomenon, let first think about Gravity. What is gravity? A force that pulls all the objects to center. Now, what is Antigravity? A place where there is no gravitation force. Right? Meaning, all the objects are left to free float.

Imagine the no gravity concept with the web content. Yes! Take a web page and apply the concept and in our case objects are web contents like pages, menu, search bar etc. Of course, you imagined correctly. When Google No Gravity is applied to the Homepage, all the contents of the web page that are originally well structured will now start floating.

Google Gravity Space / Google Space Trick

Basically, there will a ton of work and coding to do to structure the contents of the web page and allow them to act up on user actions. But the No Gravity Google trick when implemented, will fully take control of the web page and make the contents of Homepage, Logo, Search bar, “I’m feeling lucky” bar, sign-in, other contents of the menu to float on your screen.

Well, there are few thing you need to know about the No Gravity trick. Firstly, this trick is not directly offered by Google because these are pretty small and silly to concentrate on. So where do this tricks come from? Yeah! They are a product of third party developers know as Elgoog and Mr.Doob who often perform several web tricks and browser tricks to entertain the users of the Web.

No Gravity Google Trick Implementation.

To be honest, no gravity Google is an old trick and I hardly believe there is someone who doesn’t know this. But then again, a lot of teenagers they spend too much time on social media sites and find less interest in these things. What I would suggest you do is

  1. Go to URL shortener and paste the link in there and get a short link.
  2. Now, we have two options here. Send the short link via Facebook or other Social Media networks your friend or family member often follows.
  3. Or, it is even better if you have their email ID. If so, do this.
  4. Send the Short link to his/her email and let them open it. After a while, send a mail saying that “My email ID was hacked”, Please don’t open any emails that I have sent”. This is a 50/50 chance option though because you can’t have a direct confirmation that your friend/family member actually opened to send the “email hacked” email. But, if you succeed in to do so, believe me, he/she will be scared to sh*t!

A quick video to demo the No Gravity trick.

What else can you do with Google No Gravity

Well, there are plenty of things you can do with No Gravity Google trick. Let’s take a look at few of them.

  1. Click to activate the no gravity mechanism to work.
  2. Use the mouse cursor to drag and drop items.
  3. Throw contents by rough/quick dragging and dropping to create a disturbance in the free float.
  4. Use the floating search bar to type and search something.

The No Gravity only works on the homepage and as of now, you can implement the trick only from Elgoog and Mr.Doob.

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Google No Gravity
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