Google Pac Man Game – Play Pac-Man on Google

Pac Man, the word itself is enough to grab the attention of the game lovers belonging to any age group. The reason behind this is that Pac-Man was undoubtedly the most popular game ever at times. Now, who wouldn’t love to kill time while waiting for a client to come online while sitting in an office or just to take a much-needed break from continuous work with the help of your favorite game designed ever? Google Pac-Man will come to your rescue if you are not willing to open a specific app to play the game in your free time.

Google Pac-Man

The original Pac-Man game needs no introduction due to its popularity worldwide, however, Google Pac-Man might be new to some people. The game offered by Google search engine under the name Google Pac-Man allows the users to play the game for as long as they might wish. Moreover, in this online game offered by Google, the players will get three lives and level ups just like the original game and the mantra will be to survive and proceed to the next level.

Google Pac-Man

How to Play Google Pac-Man?

First and foremost, one can access this coolest game’s live version available on this search engine with the help of this link Just open this link, click on the Insert Coin and your game will begin, once you are ready.

The second link to access the game, Google Pac-Man doodle archive version is which allows the users to play the game anytime they wish. If you want to play Pac-Man in multiplayer mode, then click on Insert Coin button twice and Miss Pac-Man will appear. The users will be able to operate and control the second player while using keyboard keys – A, S, D and W. Just like the original one, this game has up to 256 levels.

There is another method to access Google Pac-Man, via elgoog which actually makes your Google Search Engine Homepage a new platform to play the game, in which the game can be played where the usual logo appears in the center of the page. Use the link to access the Google Pac-Man Game. Below the search query bar, there will be two options; Google Search and Insert Coin. Push the ‘Insert Coin’ button and your game will start automatically. The only difference that makes Google Pac-Man different from the original Pac-Man game is that the users get to play in a maze that is actually structured as Google.

So, now you are officially familiar with all the different methods to access Google Pac-Man game. Feel free to share these links with fellow Pac-Man lovers.