Google Snake Game – Play Snake Game on Google

Google, the name itself is a brand and we can’t deny the fact that it is the big daddy of Internet today. Google Tricks and Google Gravity Tricks have been around to make Google Search interesting for the users. Today, you will come to know about the Google Snake Game, provided by Google itself and also few hidden tricks to play this game on your computer or laptop. It is the same game that started the basics of gaming with the invention of games in Mobile Phones and later becomes an integral part of our lives.

Google Snake Game

Google Snake Game, is a long last epic game of 90’s that enthralled generations of children. Snake game has remained undoubtedly the favorite of not just children, but others too who owned mobiles. Don’t you remember the snake games of previous Nokia handsets that you grew up playing? Google Snake Game is nothing but just the replica of the same Nokia’s Snake Game. The trick was reconstructed by Elgoog for the die-hard fans of the game. The Snake Game offers you 60 seconds time and within that time frame, the players will have to collect all Food, Treasure, Power-ups and score points. This game even has an authentic Chinese music attached, which never lets you feel bored, and there is an option to disable it too.

Google Snake Game

How to Play Google Snake Game?

Open your Google Chrome Browser first. Anyone can get easy access to the Google Snake Game by typing this link in the address bar. As the window opens, click on Insert coin and your game will begin. The players can use Left, Right, Top and Bottom arrow keys to move the snake in the window in order to eat and collect different things.

Another way to open and play the most exciting Snake Game is by just typing ‘Google Snake Game’ in the Google search bar. Now, by clicking on the first result you will be redirected to a page having the game itself. There, you will see two options: Google Search and Insert coin. Push the ‘Insert Coin’ button or the logo with a golden coin and your game will start automatically. Now, you can use arrow keys to move the Snake in different directions.

The players should keep in mind that just like the original game, even here by hitting the edge of any part of Snake’s body, the game will come to an end. Now, you have successfully learned the tricks to play Google Snake Game. Now, you can convert your mood into fun by playing this game whenever you are bored. Don’t forget to share this with your friends and family who love the Snake Game as much as you do.