Google Terminal – Command Prompt on Google

Google Terminal - Command Prompt on Google

Google, a search engine so popular, that millions of people worldwide can’t go through a single day without searching a thing or two. Undoubtedly, Google is the most widely used search engine and is the owner of around eighty percent of the total searches on the internet in an average day. Along with searching new things and collecting as much information as one can get from Google, this search engine tries to make the browsing experience a bit interesting for us with the help of a few tricks.

Google Terminal

However, not all people are familiar with these Google Tricks. Have you ever tried Terminal on a Macbook? You might have seen Command Prompt in Windows. Every user who has even a little knowledge about Terminal or Command Prompt will definitely find Google Terminal rather interesting. Google Terminal is nothing but just a trick with the help of which the users will be able to see an interface similar to Command Prompt on the web.

Google Terminal Trick

How to Implement Google Terminal Trick?

The first and foremost method to activate this hidden awesome Google Trick is to go to the Google Homepage of your Chrome browser. Now, turn off the option to display instant search results in the settings. Now, type ‘Google Terminal’ and press the ‘I’m feeling lucky button’. Google will start behaving like a command prompt terminal which is totally different from the usual page that it displays. Everyone who loves the terminal screen will be rather happy to initiate the Google Terminal Trick.

However, if you can’t find the feature to turn off the automatic prediction results features and need a rather direct method to activate the Google Terminal Trick, this second method will come to your rescue. – Type this link in the top address bar of your Google Chrome Browser and press enter. This will enter the Google Terminal Trick and instead of the simple Google Homepage, you will rather see a bit complicated search engine web page. The users will be required to give input as a command. This interface will even offer news articles with shortcodes which will open in a new tab while using the numbers 1,2,3 and 4.

Don’t we all love finding hidden treats or money at a totally unexpected time and place? Everyone loves good surprises and after mastering this trick you can totally surprise all the members of your gang. With Google Terminal Trick they all will be rather shocked and what else can be super fun when only you know what is actually wrong with their browser? Go ahead and share this link to activate Google Terminal with your friends and family and give them a rather interesting shock to remember.