Google Tilt – Tilt Homepage of Google

Up until now, you may have known about many kinds of Google Tricks, by which you can easily manipulate the working and interface of the Google. Over the last decade, Google along with third parties have launched different types of Google Tricks under the category of Google Gravity Tricks, which has been quite successful in terms of fun, entertainment, etc. In addition to this, in order to have fun with friends or to surprise anyone who has no clue about this trick is always a fun adventure for many peoples. Whenever we started to think that things cannot be much better than the current situation, then suddenly something more exciting happens and we change our perspective of looking things again. Same is in the case of our friend Google, who occasionally launches new kind of tricks every time when we start to think that no more innovation can be done in this area of practice. In order to increase the popularity of its Google Gravity Tricks, Google has authorized another trick which is known as Google Tilt, in which, you can tilt the search result page sideways, making the person puzzled that something wrong have happened to its browser. When you will open the link below, you will get the clue regarding what this trick actually does to your browser contents,

Google Tilt

This trick can only be implemented by accessing the third party web address and if you are smart enough, then you can easily fool anyone you like. The main thing that happens in this trick is that it tilts your web page sideways to the right-hand side and when you will search anything, then it will also appear in the tilted format, which actually seems to be quite funny when implemented.

Google Tilt Trick

How to implement Google Tilt?

The designing and coding of this trick are done by “Elgoog” and the implementation process of the Google Tilt is as simple as doing walk in a park. In order to make this trick work, firstly type the below-mentioned link in your search bar of Google Chrome,, Then press the enter button and you will be taken to the Google Homepage, which does look like Google Homepage, but in tilted form. Now, try to search something in the search bar of below the Google Logo and then press “Google Search” button. The result will be that, even your search results will be shown in tilted format, which appears to be quite funny as compared to the other Google Gravity Tricks.

So now, if you like the idea of tilting your Google Homepage, then don’t waste your sitting just sitting around there. Try this amazing trick right now and even share it with your friends and creep them out. If they do not know about this trick, then this will make them wonder that their computer system might have caught a virus or something. So, have fun with the Google Tilt trick and let the fun game begin.