Google Zerg Rush – Funny Google Search Game

Google Zerg Rush - Funny Google Search Game

Google practically owns everything on the internet and it does know how to keep the internet users hooked by surprising them every now and then. Other than the fact that Google Doodles are a famous thing across the globe, there are many other tricks Google comes up with regularly to give the users something more than an informative search engine experience. The folks sitting over at Google headquarters came up with the idea for the brilliant Zerg Rush and made people love Google even more.

Google Zerg Rush

This thing called Zerg Rush may be new to most of you, but if we say that this game is severely underrated, that won’t be exaggerating it. Google Zerg Rush, a point and shoot game which can become highly addictive if one is not careful. The game is as simple as it gets and unique in a way. There are pretty good chances that even the most avid of the gamers wouldn’t have come across a game such as that. So let’s check out what is all this fuss is actually about, by understanding how to play the game.

[50+ Tricks] Google Zerg Rush - Funny Google Search Game

How To Play Google Zerg Rush?

The very first thing you have to do is make sure the internet connection is fine and the browser works okay. Open the Google Chrome browser. Visit the Google homepage. Type Google Zerg Rush in the search results and press enter; and voila, it is on. The floating O’s from the Google logo starts swarming across the screen abruptly without any set direction. The thing that you need to do is to diminish all the O’s before they engulf everything on the page. They are ruthless, unstoppable and hungry.

In order to shoot the O’s down; you need to float your mouse all over them. This is the only way to kill them and the score depends on how fast you destroy them all.  And in case you are playing along with your friends and family and want to compare the results, there is an option at the end of the game for sharing the scores on Google+.

The best thing about this game is that you don’t need to have a super fast internet connection to play the game. And like most games, there is no need to download anything either. Just open your internet browser, type the words away and you are good to go.

Origin of Google Zerg Rush

The game has taken inspiration from a highly successful ‘cult classic’ video game known as ‘Starcraft’. Starcraft is an old game and a fan favorite where you have to fight little insect-like creatures known as Zergs in order to halt them before they take over our beloved galaxy.

Google, it seems, will never fall short of tricks up its sleeves in order to keep its consumers entertained thoroughly. Maybe that is one reason for Google being the unabashed leader in what it does.