Google Zero Gravity – Search in Zero Gravity

Whenever someone says Zero Gravity, at that time, the only thing that comes to our mind is Space Outside our Earth’s Atmosphere. The place with no Gravitational Force and Thrust, where if something starts to revolve, it will never stop until any external force is applied, is what we all called Space. By using this idea, Google has made another trick known as Google Zero Gravity, which is similar to Gravity Space Trick, the only difference is in its name adding one more to it’s ever lasting Gravity Tricks. The functioning of this new trick is all based on the concept of no gravitational force, thus making the Homepage appear like it is moving in zero gravity. However, this trick is very interesting if you want to teach a kid regarding the phenomenon of the Zero Gravity, then just simply show them the trick as an example and this will make them easier to understand regarding this topic.

Google Zero Gravity

Anti-Gravity Google / Google Anti-Gravity

In the case of Google Zero Gravity, the whole Homepage loses its control over its alignment and all the content starts to float in all directions and fall down slowly. When the cursor is moved to any of the content, then you can control its movement according to your desire. Try to rotate it or move it from one corner to another, it will go wherever you take it with the cursor. If someone is getting bored and have nothing to surf the internet, then this trick is a better means of time pass for them. And also, if you will search something in the Search Bar, then it will not display anything, as it is not designed as a search engine. It is just a copy of Search Engine on which you can have fun by using Google Zero Gravity Trick.

How to Implement Google Zero Gravity?

The implementation process of Google Zero Gravity is also similar to the Google Gravity Space Trick. There’s no extra functionality added in this trick and is also made by Mr. Doob experts. Just open the link mentioned below at the bottom of the page. The link will directly take you to the Zero Gravity Google Trick where you can see that your computer screen will be displaying the scenario of the Homepage. Now just hover your cursor little bit over the screen, you will see that every content of the homepage whether it’s Search Bar or its menu-items, every content has started to move in the random direction as they are moving in Zero Gravity.

If you like the idea of Zero Gravity then just type the above mentioned in your search bar and enjoy the epic ness of this exquisite trick and also, do share it with your friends who don’t know about this trick and give them a shock of a lifetime.