Google Zipper – Separate Google with a Zip

Google Zipper - Separate Google with a Zip

Google Zipper is another trick from Elgoog developers created just for fun. Being honest, Google Zipper is neither useful nor helpful. If you have good time to waste on, and find pleasure/fun is things that are not fun or tricky, please go ahead and implement the Zipper. Basically, you can’t actually implement the Zipper on your Homepage, rather you can only find on the developer’s website.

Google Zipper

Google Zipper Trick
Google Zipper Trick

Please don’t criticize me for being rude. I am writing so people can understand how genuine we are trying to be. Coming to the trick. what Google Zipper does is Zip the homepage and divide it into two halves. Irony is that the search bar is not divided, so no matter what you search, the results will be displayed in one single window without the Zip.

How to Implement Google Zipper

Zipper is not a trick. It simply is a tweak created with some good coding skills. It has nothing to do with google or anything. Basically, that is my way of saying that there is nothing to implement. All you need to do is, simply visit the website and that’s it, you have your Google Zipper activated!

Well Questions first. Is there a way to implement the trick on your Homepage? No, definitely not! What can I do with this trick? May be nothing? Can I use Zipper to trick people? Honestly, waste of time. But if you still want to give it a try, please go ahead, be my guest!

What the heck exactly can I do with trick? Well! You can actually Pull the zip down with the help of your Mouse cursor. Precisely, how you open a Zip. What happens next? The page gets reloaded for you to redo the same stuff again and again until you get tired or bored if you haven’t already been bored for the very first time!

A quick look at how Google Zipper works.

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