Google Gravity Trick – [Elgoog, MrDoob]

Gravity is a force that pulls any object or body with a mass to the center of the earth. Well, in-case-of Google Gravity, that is not the scenario, but it almost is the same. Google Gravity is a browser trick implemented on the Homepage of Google. Before implementing the trick, let me tell you few things about the trick and different names it is called with or known for. Remember, the Google Gravity tricks are different from Google Easter Egg tricks.

Google Gravity

As you have learned earlier, a body with mass is pulled down to the center of the earth. Imagine the same kind of activity happening with the Google homepage. Yes! When implemented the Gravity Google Trick, all the contents of the homepage, which includes Top-bar (Menu bar), Search bar, Google Logo, and footer links all loose their hold and falls freely to the bottom of the browser.

The Google Gravity trick is also called with different names such as Google gravity prank, Google gravity glitch, Google tricks gravity and etc. All the names refer to the same trick we have been talking about.

How To Trick Google Gravity

Performing Google Gravity trick is pretty easy. As the trick is offered by two websites named Mr.Doob and Elgoog, you can simply visit their web page to activate the trick. If you are not sure about any of this, please follow the step by step process of implementing Gravity Google trick.

Google Gravity Mr.Doob Trick

Google Gravity Mr.Doob Trick

The implementation of Google gravity trick on Mr.Doob website and how to have fun with gravity.

1. Visit – Mr.Doob

Mr.Doob is a well-known website for their experiments on Google chrome, and Google gravity is one of their coding attempts. But there might be several tricks on their website making it hard for you to find the gravity Google trick. So, visit Mr.Doob using the link provided.

2. Activate Google Gravity Mr.Doob

After visiting the website, the trick will in a state to get activated, meaning a slight movement detected in the cursor will activate Google Gravity. If nothing happens even after you move your cursor, I suggest you reload the web page.

3. Fun with Google Gravity Mr.Doob

Since the beginning, you haven’t done anything actually in performing the trick other than visiting the website through the link provided by us or moving your cursor. So, how to have fun with the trick? Well, you can do one thing, that is, point your cursor to any of the buttons that fell to bottom and “press and hold” the mouse cursor to get hold of the button. Once you get the hold, you can then begin to play with it by hitting other blocks.

Google Gravity Elgoog trick

Google Gravity Elgoog trick

Unlike Mr.Doob gravity Google trick, the Elgoog Google gravity trick is a little different and here is how you can implement and have fun.

1. Visit – Elgoog

Integrating the complete homepage of Google as their homepage, the Elgoog website is a same but not same as Google. The difference is, all the contents of Elgoog appears in a reversed/mirrored manner. So, whatever the trick you implement on Elgoog, the contents will be displayed as if they are reflected from a mirror.

2. Activate Google Gravity Elgoog

There are a limited set of tricks offered by Elgoog and just like MrDoob, the trick is activated immediately after visiting the web page waiting for the cursor to move. And same as above, all the content of the web page falls to the bottom of the browser or screen. If that doesn’t happen, I suggest you reload the page.

3. Fun with Google Gravity Elgoog

In the Mr.Doob trick, you have to press and hold your mouse key to getting hold of a button/any button, but the Elgoog enables auto-hold of a single key and allows you to twist, hit other blocks and mate clock and anti-clockwise rotations.

Finally! Honestly speaking that is all you can do! but if you want to have more fun with Google gravity, I suggest you trick your friends and family members who have no idea about them by sharing with them via Facebook, Email, Messages and etc.