Rainbow Google – View Google in Rainbow Colors

Rainbow Google - View Google in Rainbow Colors

We all have been taught in school that rainbow comprises of seven colors in the form of VIBGYOR, which represents the code of seven colors by which rainbows are formed. Once in a lifetime, every person may have seen the formation of the rainbow in the sky after the rain is stopped. Did you even imagine that one day you will be surfing over the rainbow, even in the virtual world? Well, now it’s possible with an amazing Google Trick available over the internet, by which you can browse the internet in a more colorful way that you could ever imagine. Google has named this trick Rainbow Google, which is the combination of 7 colors that a rainbow holds in its formation. In addition to this, the custom search option available in Rainbow Google is fully supported by Google itself and when you will search anything in the custom search bar and then click over the “I’m feeling colorful” button will directly redirect you to the associated search result of that particular item and if you will make the empty search, then it will take you to the Doodle Page of Google.

Rainbow Google

Every content which is displayed on Google Homepage will be changing its color at a constant rate and when you try to search anything, then also it will function same as like the Normal Google Homepage. However, the search results that will be displayed by the Rainbow Google will not be changing any kind of color. The trick is only going to work on Google Homepage and its corresponding items and buttons.

Rainbow Google

How to implement Rainbow Google?

The designing of Rainbow Google has been done by “seetherainbow.com” and its custom search result is powered by Google itself. For making this trick work, firstly you need to insert the below-mentioned link in your browser’s search bar menu, http://www.seetherainbow.com/, Now, press the enter button on your keyboard and you will notice that Google Homepage is open with the Rainbow logo displaying it in the form of a semi-circle. In addition to this, the menu-items such as the web, images, videos, maps, etc. will also be changing their color and will be displaying all the seven colors of the rainbow in random order. Along with this, where there was Google Search button, there will be now Rainbow Search written over that button and in place of “I’m felling lucky”, there will be “I’m feeling colorful” written over that button. These buttons will also be changing their color after every second in random order.

As you now have enough amount of knowledge regarding Rainbow Google Trick, now you can implement on your Google Homepage also and if you like this trick, then go and share it with your friends and surprise them with such an exquisite Google trick.