Google Weenie Trick – Shrink Google

Google Weenie Trick - Shrink Google

Google is a giant when it comes to internet searches and has singlehandedly transformed the world around us. It is an epic pool of knowledge and information practically about everything that is, there was and could possibly be. The magnificence of the search engine could be gathered by the very fact that more than 80% of the internet searches, Google is directly brought into the picture.

Take Epic Google or the Giant Google example. And let’s not even talk about the Revolving Google, where your homepage sets itself on a revolving high and starts messing with your heads. It’s all for fun, there is no harm intended. But it does give us a peek into the think tanks behind Google, who love to blow off some steam from time to time. Let’s just say that they get bored sometimes and needs something to pass the time.

What is Google Weenie?

And now, there is one more trick up Google’s sleeves, just to let the bored users have some fun while searching for the internet. It’s called Google Weenie Trick. As the name suggests, it’s something which takes the Google’s logo and the search box and shrinks it down to a size where you can hardly see anything on the screen. Now, what was the real intention behind this one, this could be debated. Does this maniac of a trick serve any purpose, which also is quite doubtful, only the bigger minds at the Google headquarters knows the best, but one thing must be admitted though; it is a lot of fun.

Weenie Google Trick

How to Implement Google Weenie?

All you need is a working internet connection and a laptop or a desktop PC. A fair warning though attempts theGoogle Tricks when nobody is watching and you have nothing else to do. Type Weenie Google into the search box and press enter. Google will show results, and in order to perform the trick, just click on the first link which appears right at the top of the results. You are good to go and see the homepage logo shrink down to a size where you literally have to put your head closer to your monitor to read the text.

Google Weenie is here to make the web browsing a little bit more of fun if anything. Using it or avoiding it, is entirely up to you. But if you find yourself one day getting bored at work or home, there is no shame in having a go at Google Weenie and other fun Google Gravity Tricks every now and then.